Customer Experience Management

XFocus is an innovative Customer Experience Management that enables operators to manage Quality of Experience.


Delivering a seamless and best-in-class customer experience is increasingly important for the operators that want to stay ahead of the competition. In an increasingly joined-up, multi-channel world it is a must to have an all-round view of the customers’ experience 24/7. Just tracking the network quality isn’t good enough.

In the past, telecom service providers used several methods for measuring the offered Quality of Service (QoS) for voice and data services.

But how much do service providers really know about their individual customers’ experiences of network services?

In recent years, the concept of QoS continues to be important, but a new concept called Quality of Experience (QoE) is rapidly gaining mindshare. The QoE concept differs from QoS in that it considers much more than the performance of the network - QoE is concerned with the overall experience the customer has when using offered services.

QoE are customer-centric metrics while QoS are network-centric. 

Cybercom customer experience management concept

Cybercom’s service measures and improves customer experience by using a unique set of tools and correlating the quality of experience to the quality of service through defined KPIs that reflect actual customer experience.

  • Measuring and improving customer experience through set of special tools by correlating QoE to QoS through set of defined KPIs that reflect actual customer experience.
  • The service innovation part is mainly related to the correlation addressing the GAP between network QoS and customers Quality of Experience QoE.

Technologies covered include 3G+, 4G, CDMA, EVDO & WiFi and the methodology includes real time response from the end-users.

Cybercom Added Value

Customer Focus & Segmentation

  • Targeting VIPs, High ARPU Subs., Corporate Customers & Main Complaints, Operator Focus etc.
  • End user data collection through passive monitoring.
  • Customer subjective feedback analysis.

End-2-End Management

  • From Subscriber to end user application.
  • Root cause analysis.
  • Correlate technical findings to end user experience (subjective).
  • Proven experience in network quality & assessments (20 years!).

Technologies & Handsets

  • Support all technologies 2G, 3G, 4G and WIFI.
  • Support all handsets, from smartphones to low end/functionality handsets.
  • Support all operating system (iOS, Android, Windows mobile, and Symbian).

Cost and Implementation Efficiency

  • Lower cost comparing to probing solution.
  • Easy & fast to implement.
  • Flexible pricing model to match requirements & demands.
  • Less drive test needed.
  • Less customer complaints follow-up.

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