Service design and customer journeys

In a fast-paced digital world, competition is growing ever more fierce, and users have high demands. To meet with these demands, it is necessary for companies and organisations to be responsive and information driven, establishing a way of working that is adept at taking outside information and applying it to service and product development.

Cybercom’s methods and frameworks aim to understand the customer, generate ideas that create value for the customer, and validating these ideas as cheaply and quickly as possible. The strategy and offering grow in fast iterations where user value is always validated.


Our approach:

  • Validate user needs and pains to be solved by talking to your users and gathering data
  • Define problem solutions and fit from existing services
  • Define hypotheses to solve identified needs in a new way
  • Test and validate hypotheses over a set period
  • Redesign based on learnings and test. Repeat continuously.


Victoria Jonsson

Senior Advisory Consultant

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