Digital sustainability

Our Digital Sustainability approach is a driver for business innovation aiming to find your competitive advantage in relation to the global sustainability goals and/or new customer offerings as well as business opportunities.

Digital sustainability and a net-positive approach

A growing number of companies are shifting focus from merely ‘doing less harm’ to becoming ‘net positive’.

Net positive means adding greater value to society than you take away. It goes beyond direct business impacts on society and the environment that are ‘less bad’: it’s about providing solutions that society needs and thereby becoming a net contributor.

The net-positive approach broadens and shifts the perspective on how a company relates to sustainability. Rather than replacing earlier sustainability approaches, it adds a layer.



Digital sustainability opportunities

Cybercom has developed the Digital Sustainability Process (DSP) to support companies that want to explore the potential of using sustainability and digitalisation as drivers of innovation and profit.

The DSP assesses a company’s current situation and future opportunities, in a programme consisting of nine steps in three phases.

Unlike many other processes, the DSP has a strong focus on the implementation strategy and provides support during the implementation phase.

If you would like further information about the digital sustainability and net-positive approach, you can download the full white paper below on this page.

As always, we at Cybercom look forward to further dialogue with you.

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