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In today's ever-changing world, continuous control of your IT security is a demanding process. If we don't spend all our time on IT security, it is almost impossible to keep up with the trends. Your own organisation and your customers' organisations, partners, legal authorities, and standards, such as the PCI DSS, demand good security.

Cybercom's experienced security experts help you take control of IT systems and mission-critical business functions. Afterward, you will know what the risks are and receive proposals on how to deal with them.

Your company's or organisation's circumstances and needs form the foundation for Cybercom's security verification services. We help you audit your current security measures, increase the level of security, and follow up and retain it.

What security verification services comprise

Within your operation's IT milieu, we audit the security of your applications and network with these services:

  • Network scanning – provides a general view of your current security situation; scanning is an automated service.
  • Penetration testing – provides an in-depth view of your current security situation; penetration testing is a manual and automated service.
  • Scorecard reporting – provides an in-depth analysis – particularly IT areas exposed to risk or vulnerability; scorecard is a manual service.

Our proposition

Network scanning

Network scanning is an automated process for identifying active network services and possible vulnerabilities. A network scan results in a report that provides an overview of the general security level of the IT milieu in your business.

Penetration testing

Penetration testing is a method for evaluating the security of an application or a network by simulating an attack. A penetration test results in a report that describes possible vulnerabilities, how they can be exploited, and proposed countermeasures – thus enabling an in-depth view of security levels in the IT milieu of your business.

Scorecard reporting

A scorecard is a predefined document filled in together with the customer; it provides an in-depth analysis of a company's or organisation's security – based on its physical environment, infrastructure, infrastructure services, and administrative functions. We deliver a report based on the circumstances and needs of your company or organisation, with proposals for improvements that give you increased control over your operations.

You can order our services separately or in various combinations.

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