IT-Forensic Services

IT-Forensic services and incident response

Our forensic investigators are always available to provide the first level of phone and incident response - 24 hours a day, each day of the year.

Our customer references include everything from small organizations to multinational corporations. We have experience in working with all modern, and most legacy platforms, from such diverse industries as software development, manufacturing, medical, government, telecommunications and finance.

Read below for some examples of common IT-forensic services that Cybercom are offering. Please contact us for more information on how we can help your organization.

Malware forensics / Reverse engineering

A merging trend is the number of targeted attacks using malicious code specifically developed for breaching an organization or a company. This type of attack is potentially very dangerous since traditional anti-virus and other signature-based protection are unable to protect against these types of advanced threats.

Cybercom Incident Response (CSIRT)

Few organizations are prepared when an intrusion is first discovered. Valuable time is often wasted on the wrong activities and crucial evidence might be lost. Cybercom is offering services in computer security incident response and are available on a short notice to assist those who are the victim of a computer breach. This service is aimed at providing guidance and support during the first crucial time period following a hostile intrusion. The main focus is to minimize damages, to gather valuable information on what has occurred and to restore systems to a secure state.

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