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We help you manage your information securely.

A connected world allows people and businesses to create, process, share and distribute information in innovative ways. New inventions continue to arrive at a high speed. This imposes requirements on the availability, integrity and confidentiality of the information.

Cybercom equips clients to manage risks. Establishing risk governance mechanisms, securing technology in harmony with business objectives, providing assurance on risks in present IS/IT environments.

IS/IT Risk Governance

Advance from paperwork to practical work. 

Security always needs to be managed. Requirements can be either internal and risk based, or external and compliance driven. Cybercom principally believes that with an all through risk based approach to security management the security investments and the risk willingness of an organization will correspond. Our approach to IS/IT risk governance employs methods, tools and experience that allow you to advance from paperwork to practical work, to the management of IS/IT-related business risks.

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Security Assurance

Assurance in a world of vulnerabilities.

The IS/IT threats for organisations increase and the IT-environments they depend on display vulnerabilities. Cybercom provides expertise, tools and methods to provide proactive assessment services identifying vulnerabilities in mission-critical IT environments. Should a breach occur we can assist with a certified Forensics as well as Incident Response services. As new vulnerabilities are discovered day and night and new threats arise we offer Security Assurance on a scheduled basis as needed.

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