IAM Maintenance & Managed Operations

IAM is mission critical for every organization. But still, the complexity of IAM and the lack of critical mass at many IT-departments make it hard to cope with anything else than just basic day to day operations focused on internal users.

We have seen a similar pattern in many organizations, when moving from an IAM implementation project into the maintenance phase:

In the IAM Implementation Project an organization is appointed, platform investments are made and some pilot target systems are integrated. But the immediate business benefits are small.

During IAM Maintenance, a basic organization is put in place. But the lack of critical mass makes it sometimes hard to perform prestudies and integration of new systems as well as further development to support new business needs. Thus, IAM can become a bottleneck instead of an enabler for connected business initiatives.

Cybercom IAM Managed Operations supplies the critical mass needed. We can either transfer parts of current maintenance operations keeping the systems on your premise or perform a complete outsourcing to Cybercom or to the cloud. Our ITIL based IAM Managed operations and Maintenance counts on our Core teams. What you get are continuous deliveries, SLA-based operations and support, smoother day-to-day operations and the necessary capacity to address future IAM needs in terms of your business and technology. You get the IAM road companion.


Robin von Post

Head of IAM Solutions

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