The Cybercom IAM Experience

Being in the IAM business for more than 25 years and embracing new technologies along the way, we have accomplish great things for our customers over the years. In fact, we still keep some customers from the start and that’s a real proof of both quality and the ability to adopt to new needs and technologies over the years.

We do IAM in all industries, since the basic challenges are very similar, even if the specific use cases can differ.  

Since security is a sensitive matter, we choose not to name the customers on the web, but we will present the names when we meet in person. Below, some of our customer stories are described:

Swedish Emergency call operator

IdentityHub based solution together with fine grained access control and a security gateway enables connectivity for a highly secure application, thus, providing secure ambulance ordering from hospitals and alarm code access through the web. Production started in 2010 and application management is ongoing.

Swedish Public authorities

Federation based solution andmanaged operations for eID, enabling eID authentication and document based digital signing for citizens.

Swedish National healthcare

Large scale mission critical directory ecosystem implemented and managed operations during +15 years

Large scale Public Transportation

IdentityHub based solution enables internal, external and cloud login to different applications. The customer is able to delegate user admin to a large number of subcontractors in a huge construction project.  Production started in mid 2014 and application management is ongoing.

Mobile eID provider

Implementation of two generations of Mobile eID, both open and simbased system as well as OCSP-server

Commercial bank

IdentityHub based solution enables 3D Secure two factor authentication with Mobile eID (Bank-id) and SMS one time password. The solution was implemented 2016 and application management is ongoing. 

Swedish Municipality

Large cloud movement (Google) enabled by a solid user directory ecosystem in own premises. The system was implemented in 2015 and maintenance is ongoing.

Private Swedish large healthcare

IdentityHub based solution enables full Single Sign On to + 15 applications. The system peaks at 40 000 login/logout per day. Production started in 2010 and application management is ongoing.

Large Swedish Healthcare region

Single Sign On in healthcare portal with thousands of users. Production started in 2007 and application management is ongoing 

Large university research hospital 

IdentityHub based solution integrated with Microsoft CRM enabling two factor authentication for external users with different methods. The solution was delivered in 2015.


Robin von Post

Head of IAM Solutions

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