Cybercom IAM Core team

Identity & Access Management is a broad discipline. Identity is useless without access needs and access counts on identity. That's why it's absolutely needed to have a holistic view on the area. Moreover, since IAM systems needs to be highly secure, deep competence within IT-security is a must. Our Core team has it all.

Time to be specific, so be prepared for a long list:

IAM System architecture and strategy, user directories, identity synchronization, user lifecycle management, delegation of user admin, identity governance, self provisioning, password management, federated identities, single sign on, API-security gateways, fine grained access, mobile eID, digital signatures. Acronyms like SAML, WCF, OAUTH2, OPEN-ID, XACML, LDAP, PKI, X509, SSL, TLS, SSH, REST, JSON, C#, Java, OWASP. Only to name a few.

Our view: if you claim to have an IAM practice, you have to embrace it all. Why? Because we believe that the broad aspect is needed to always do the right things and to be able to deliver, the critical mass is needed. Moreover, modern IAM solutions need experts with a solid base in systems development and integration. That's our IAM Core team, nice and very competent guys who walk the talk.

You can count on us for workshops, implementation work and maintenance for years and years. Our goal is to make you happy, tomorrow also.


Robin von Post

Head of IAM Solutions

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