Directory Ecosystem

Many organizations suffers from Identity overload. That is, too many overlapping identity sources, making it hard to build on a trusted identity.

We believe that a well-structured central identity directory, synchronized from/with surrounding identity stores could be very useful for a solid, futureproof IAM. Centered around the directory and in line with business processes, the digital identities and access rights are managed with the use of tools and methods. That’s identity management.

With a team with more than 70 man-years within the area, working with some of the most critical national systems in Sweden, we have all the tools needed to build a working directory ecosystem. In particular, going all in to the cloud, the identity store could very well be what you keep on premise.

Getting the needed structure in a diversified IAM-environment built under a long time is, again, no big bang.  What’s complex must be made streamline and that will take some time. So, we embrace it all. Whether, the directory itself, user admin portal & workflows, ultrafast directory search or synchronization engines, support, maintenance and integration, we provide the solution needed. That is, guiding you on the journey ahead and on the way provide the quick wins. Identity management builds on maintenance and that’s our core.

The Identity Management arena are overcrowded with products. Sometimes a platform from a large, worldwide vendor is the right choice but sometimes flexibility is the key to not having to adopt the business to a product way-of-work. Here, we provide a solution oriented and long term way of thinking.


Robin von Post

Head of IAM Solutions

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