IAM Assets

Why start from a blank paper, when so many IAM problems already have a proven solution? Over the years we have built our own IAM assets and also partnered with selected software companies. We believe that combining those assets with parts of your IAM environment, much can be gained. Assets are software and services, but are also methods, toolboxes and ways of working. Let's present the main ones, the products and services:

Cybercom Assets

IdentityHub: fast deployed unified login, federations, single sign on and delegated user admin

Digital Signing Service: open token and document centric digital signatures based on solid cryptography.

Directory Ecosystem: all tools needed for managing a modern LDAP user directory environment

PKI & National eID: national level or large scale eID built on a solid PKI base but on top identity federations and backend digital signing supporting an open token architecture and promoting Mobile eID as the prime choice for users.

Product partners

Forgerock: enterprise and digital ecosystem IAM

Keypasco: award winning mobile security token for e-banking and National eID


Robin von Post

Head of IAM Solutions

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