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We are the famous Cybercom IAM Practice. Your IAM Road Companion. We will help you to set the necessary goals and targets for your IAM of tomorrow.

Introducing our IAM Practice

Identity & Access Management is aboutletting the good guys in and the bad guys out of your systems according to your policies. That means that IAM deals with digital identities for internal and external users, their logins and privileges in different applications. In an ever changing IT-landscape with increased security focus that’s challenging, no doubt.

Let us present Cybercoms famous IAM practice.OK, maybe you’re not familiar with us? Well, that’s the thing with Identity & Access management. It’s sometimes the things you see, like a Mobile eID, but more often IAM is a backend key component for an application to work.  So, if you’re in Sweden and go to a doctor or a pharmacy with a recipe it’s good to know that Cybercom is needed to make the IAM work for your benefit. The same goes for some of your credit card internet payments and, of course, if you’re a corporate user or a B2B partner or contractor accessing cloud or in premise applications at any of our customers.    

The rising IAM challenges

Nobody will disagree on the fact that IAM is mission critical for every organization. But still,  the complexity of IAM and the lack of critical mass at many IT-departments make it hard to cope with anything else than just basic day to day operations focused on internal users. That’s rather sad, since the time is now to take that necessary leap forward.     

Today, a secured Identity is in the center of everything and that goes for both internal users, customers, partners, vendors and things. So, to be able to grab the opportunities of the connected world, IAM must be in line with the connected business initiatives and not a bottleneck in terms of security issues, technology and competence.

But, whether new projects, like moving IT to the cloud or connect new groups of external users, will result in issues on complexity and security or gains in efficiency and connectivity, are yet to be answered.

IAM Road Companion

On the road to tomorrow, you may need that special companion. Not just some skilled consultants, who will leave after the project or that huge software company, that claims to solve every need within months or in the next release. At Cybercom, we don’t believe in big bangs within IAM. The trick is to turn complex to streamline and start the change with quick wins in selected areas. To do that, you have to be more than just average and that’s why our famous IAM Practice resides on five blocks:


The Cybercom IAM Core team

The critical mass needed to get the right holistic view on all aspects of IAM and IT-security.


The Cybercom IAM Assets

Adaptable and futureproof products, solutions and components for IAM quick wins at any customer.


The Cybercom IAM Managed Operations

Maintenance or highly secured managed operations in our own premises or the cloud for continuous IAM delivery, proactive maintenance and future guidance.


The Cybercom IAM Experience

Gain on our solid performance and customer IAM benefits delivered for more than 25 years, constantly adopting to new best practices and technology improvements.


We will help you to set the necessary goals and targets for your IAM of tomorrow. It’s crucial, but pointing out where you want to go is often the easiest part. How to get there is another story.  Again, it’s the IAM journey that counts.

We are the famous Cybercom IAM Practice. Your IAM Road Companion.

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