How Cybercom can facilitate your introduction of GDPR.

As you probably know, we will be subject to a new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from mid-2018, which will replace the existing laws within EU. This will mean big changes for all European organisations that process personal data in their IT systems and processes. With its solid expertise in data security, Cybercom is able to prepare you for this change.

What will GDPR mean?

GDPR will bring big changes in terms of rights and obligations for both companies and individuals. GDPR strengthens the rights of the individual with regard to their personal data since it makes it possible for individuals to demand things such as data portability and the right to erasure.

To comply with the new legislation, companies and organisations will need to adapt in order to accommodate and facilitate the exercise of these rights. GDPR will mean big changes in terms of both management and the various systems a company uses, by applying the privacy by design approach.

At a time when large amounts of company data are held in the cloud, GDPR makes the relationship with different suppliers more complex. Responsibility for personal data will be divided between the company and its suppliers, with both being responsible for the processing of personal data.

How we can help you start to get GDPR-ready

Many companies are currently uncertain about how to get started with the important work of adapting to this new legislation. Our Compliance Portal requirements management tool allows us to rapidly initiate the important work to inventory your processes and IT systems that handle personal data. Our consultants will help you to quickly understand your current status and what you need to do in order to be on target for summer 2018.

Cybercom will assist you with these efforts using the established process detailed below. Our data security consultants will collaborate with legal expertise in order to secure your systems based on the new regulatory framework.

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