Agile teams

Buying an agile team will enable a quick ramp-up while securing continuity and productivity in your in-house teams. With an agile team in place you will reduce time to market (TTM) and start the development immediately while compiling the requirements. With Cybercom as a partner you can benefit from our expertise in building and maintaining agile teams in both private and public sector.

Accelerating digitalisation is a challenge and meeting that challenge head on by switching to Agile is today more rule than exception. That fact is putting new demands on the ability to create efficient teams and how to use consultants to optimally scale up delivery capacity.

As a result, many organisations encounter difficulties to digitalize at the pace they would prefer. Traditionally, skills have been secured by buying individual consultants, which can disturb continuity and high productivity.

Our experience is unique

With more than 70 Cybercom teams, currently in customer assignments, our experience is unique. ​

  • Well-proven and effective team delivery process​
  • Excellence in team competence build​
  • High speed from request to team start-up

With Cybercom as a partner for agile team delivery, you can benefit from our expertise in building and maintaining agile teams. We understand the mechanisms that make a team effective – both internally but also in relation to the organization surrounding the team.

Key benefits with agile teams

Based on our vast experience, these are the key benefits:

  • Increased productivity​, maintaining continuity in existing teams
  • Faster time to market​
  • High quality and defect reduction​ in delivery
  • Strategic partnership – Cybercom will share its experiences and insights
  • Shared responsibility and lower risk
  • Easier to attract critical competence, since they prefer to work in teams
  • Happier, more motivated employees​. It is fun to work in a high-performance team.

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