Internet of Things is one of the most active and attractive areas for innovation in organizations that are looking for value added services as well as efficiency savings. Cybercom enables companies industries and cities to take the next step through a value driven innovation process.

From Idea to Design – The goal is to minimize risk and maximize outcome through quick experimentation, an iterative prototyping effort combined with customer testing. Our experts within IoT ecosystem will enable you to rapidly map out possible innovations on paper, make tangible prototypes and test them on customers.

Cybercom Innovation Zone – Do you have a risky IoT-idea? An exploratory idea with limited scope that requires new technologies and thinking? Innovation Zone is a part of our company that explores wilder ideas for customers.

Best practices – We have experiences from organizations with different connectivity maturity across industries. We will help you find the right innovations at the right time for your company in your industry.

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Bo Strömqvist

Head of Sales Cybercom Group

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