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Cybercom is an innovative supplier of software development services and solutions for the Automotive industry. By combining technical expertise and sound business insight we offer sustainable and innovative solutions for a connected world.

Long experience

Cybercom was early to drive the vision of the connected vehicle – a domain where over the years Cybercom has been in the forefront with projects based on open as well as proprietary platforms.

Already ten years ago, Cybercom showcased a concept where the car owner was able to personalize the entertainment system from an app store at the home computer. The state-of-the-art concept attracted a lot of attention at various conferences. Cybercom also participated in a far-sighted research project addressing the problem with different product lifecycles for automotive versus consumer electronics.

With a full life cycle approach Cybercom’s services spans from advisory and innovation via development and test to operation.

Advisory services

As an advisor to a telecom equipment provider, Cybercom brought the Automotive field expertise, to connect a Swedish premium car brand to the cloud, based on the providers service delivery platform. On the other hand, skills and experiences gained from the telecom industry, in software engineering as well as continuous integration, have been reused in several projects in the Automotive industry where Cybercom has acted as an advisor and educator.


With innovation as one of our core values we embrace new technology as well as new concepts and strive to be in the forefront to add value to our customers. One example is when consumer products with high quality user interfaces raised a demand on more developed interfaces in the vehicles as well, an area where Cybercom has contributed in a range of projects with innovative user experience solutions and concepts. Another example is our proof-of-concept platforms that has been the foundations for quick feedback during the concept phase in various projects. Further, Cybercom’s collaboration in the ElectriCity project demonstrates also an innovative mindset to add value to society with new solutions for a sustainable future public transport.

Development and integration partner

Cybercom supplies software development services and solutions within active safety, infotainment/telematics, electrical architecture and processes/methodologies. It’s delivered either as agile teams, individuals or as state-of-the-art wireless communication software for Bluetooth and V2X communication. As a development and integration partner to vehicle manufacturers, Cybercom has conducted a number of successful projects and thereby contributed to their competitiveness. For one customer we delivered a complete development unit, integrated in the customer's organization, rapidly developing user interfaces and functional specifications for an infotainment system.

Wireless communication software

Customers all over the world using Cybercom blueGO, a Bluetooth application framework, to support telematics solutions - reduce risk, NRE cost and time to market. The software is deployed in more than 20 million cars, volume models as well as premium cars for several auto makers.

Large evolving business

The Automotive industry is one of Cybercom's major verticals with a yearly turnover of more than 100 MSEK. Cybercom will continue to evolve the Automotive field by, among others, taking part of the emerging area advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) moving into autonomous drive ahead. An evolution that will lead to reduced fuel consumption and carbon footprint and requires extended connection to services outside the vehicle. This is well in harmony with Cybercom's environmental commitment and stretches in to activities within mobility and internet of things (IoT).

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