Full life cycle approach

As makers of tomorrow we are your partner in strategic advisory, innovation, creation, testing and management of digital solutions that are ahead of the curve.


We advise on digital business development, always with a clear link to solid business case, sustainability gains and measurable KPIs.

Digital Sustainability - We help you use Digital Sustainability as a driver for business innovation to find your new customer offerings and business opportunities that deliver towards global sustainability goals. 

Digital strategy & business development - We help you translate your business strategy into a digital strategy, all based on hands on experience of what actually works and can be built.

Organization for digital - a digital solution is never better than the organization that puts it into effect. We advise you on how to build your organization for maximum efficiency.

Technology & partner strategy - selecting the right technology roadmap to execute on business ideas is critical. Since we make digital solutions happen, we know what technologies that work.


Employing Cybercom's innovation services makes you well equipped to remain a successful and profitable business and to stay ahead of your competitors.

Technological development is accelerating and global competition is becoming more intense. Innovation is an essential ingredient to remaining successful in today's society.

The most successful leaders and companies will be those that understand how to take advantage of technology and how to connect it to new business opportunities or other benefits.

Successful innovation demands smart approaches and methods. The wrong approach could lead to bad investments or even slow growth, with the danger of being overtaken by competitors.

As a complete supplier, Cybercom offers a range of innovation services. Our experienced business developers employ smart methods to enable you to understand which innovations you should focus on.

Cybercom's Innovation Zone development unit can create executable prototypes that facilitate your understanding and demonstrate in a concrete way what a new technical solution looks like and how it works in practice.

Cybercom also offers various services in business intelligence and technology monitoring that provide you with an early understanding of how new technology could impact, or entirely disrupt, your existing business.


The Cybercom creation approach is a transparent and agile engagement model, ready to create new services and new products that improve the efficiency of resources, and automate and open the door to new markets.

Agile partner - Cybercom takes a partner role, taking full responsibility for product development, owning timeline, budget and features. We also bring the systems support for agile development and a unique Cybercom scrum process.

Agile teams - Cybercom engages with a team of specialists working towards a product owner. We bring expertise, scrum/agile management and system support.

Agile experts - we engage with our customers and provide experts and developers to fit right into their development teams. 


We offer you an opportunity to get a test organization without extensive investments and startup-costs such as expertise, recruitment, competence development and process and tools development.

Cybercom Test Center gives your company the benefit from our focused test competence and infrastructure as a service.

You will benefit from

  • A plug and play test organization adapted to your needs.
  • A complement or extension of your organization on-or off site, partly or in whole, in your infrastructure or in ours.
  • Test experience of both Agile and more traditional methods.

Test services

Examples of services, competences and infrastructure in Cybercom Test center available for you and other partners:

Embedded products

  • Test lab with measurement equipment and climate chamber
  • Current measurements, Protocols, Wireless products, API
  • Security
  • In-house developed Test Automation Framework can be customized to fit different products

Web and apps (web, mobile apps)

  • Front end to Back end test of web, mobile apps and mobile web
  • In-house developed Test Automation Framework can be customized to fit different products
  • Exploratory and context driven test
  • Regression, Performance, Security


  • Long experience from pre-certification testing (radio standards, Bluetooth, Android CTS, DLNA etc)
  • Access to our large mobile device library (>250 devices)
  • Access to our global test partner network for localized tests
  • Conformance verification (Android CTS, BT IOT, configurations)


Cybercom helps you maintain and manage your systems effectively, such as in our own cloud solution, or by using third-party solutions.

Managing digital solutions is not about running servers and code. It is about constantly improving digital solutions to solve business challenges.

Application management - we ensure that your digital solutions have the uptime they need and keep your code and solution in shape.

Managed cloud - we build your digital solutions on our flexible infrastructure, public or private cloud with services like implementation, maintenance and operations included.

DevOps - we take a larger scope and link your business requirements with the continuous development of your digital solutions. This means that we analyse the usage and business performance of your solutions, and proactively suggest new development opportunities for next version in a transparent manner.


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