– The new way to prescribe Physical Activity on Prescription (FaR®)

We know that Physical Activity on Prescription (FaR®) leads to an increased level of physical activity, but a major challenge is to maintain and further motivate patients to follow their prescription. With MovereX it has never been easier for the patient to get started and follow their prescription, and for carers to monitor the prescription.

The unique capability offered by MovereX, to follow and support the patient in changing their lifestyle, means that the patient is able to feel well cared for and motivated towards achieving their interim and final targets in their treatment.

MovereX – An aid

MovereX helps the FaR user to improve and maintain their physical activity, and to find the motivation to complete their prescription.

MovereX brings a new dimension of motivation, support and monitoring that has not previously been possible in the use of FaR.

Motivation to achieve

  • Clearly tells me how I am doing with my FaR
  • Simple automatic logging of activity times and intensity levels using the activity bracelet
  • Measurably helps me to achieve a level of intensity that provides health benefits
  • Motivates me to complete my prescription
  • Support that simplifies communication with the prescriber. As a user, this means that I feel supported and that someone cares
  • Community means that I can participate in a group to encourage each other, and share activities and targets

Follow-up for carers

  • Planning realistic targets for the prescription, with an automatic activity log
  • Monitoring with a clear overview and effective management of ongoing FaR
  • Give Support displayed on the tool when the patient may need additional support and help
  • Encouragement with direct feedback to the patient of their success through personal messages

Why choose MovereX

MovereX brings not only improved health and wellbeing for the user, but also supports the FaR prescriber and the entire venture.

In a broader perspective, there are very large gains through improved public health in general, and for the health care system in particular.  

The package contains

An activity bracelet for logging activity and intensity, Android app and licence, free access to the monitoring tool. Android phone not included. This aid has been developed in collaboration with researchers in Physical Activity on Prescription and in IT applications.  


Johan Persbeck

Business Unit Leader

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