Digital presence

The right content in the right channels!

Reach, convert, educate and retain

We are driven by ensuring your strong digital presence to reach, convert, educate and retain users, customers and employees. Digital Presence involves all aspects of external and internal communication through digital media and connected devices, supporting the entire experience lifecycle.

In close cooperation we help you succeed in the connected world. Our offer ranges all the way from strategy and change management through content creation to full service management and optimization services. Brilliant design, understanding of your business and a strong technical ability is our way of creating your successful solutions.

Making your tomorrow

What we offer you:


  • We analyze, advise on and create digital strategies
  • We drive your changes


  • We make new technology relevant to you
  • We prototype


  • We develop, set-up and maintain the right platforms and channels for your business
  • We create apps, web content and eLearning


  • We analyze your content and channels to optimize your digital presence

Cybercom employs over 1300 makers of tomorrow – boosting your performance in the connected world.

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Digital marketing specialist

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Visual Designer

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