Digital operations

Challenging how you govern, manage and operate IT!

Integrate, streamline and source for greater business efficiency

Digital Operations focus on helping management and IT departments to optimize their ability to support ever changing business and customer requirements. By challenging your current state of business we single out exactly what parts of your digital operations that can be improved to boost your agility and your business efficiency. 

As new ways of handling your business emerges, we provide change management. We support you in areas like communication, training and resistance handling to ensure that your organization is able to operate under new circumstances as quickly as possible.

Making your tomorrow

Cybercom makes your tomorrow by employing the right strategies, processes and technologies to help you reach your desired level. We offer our services in three main areas:

Integration & BPM

  • Ensuring a strong IT-governance
  • Creating a service oriented architecture
  • Streamlining your processes

Sourcing solutions

  • Identifying solutions benefiting from outsourcing
  • Partnering up with Cybercom to run your solutions
  • Supporting your process when moving to external partners

Business Support Solutions

  • Advising you on software to boost business performance
  • Creating customized software to improve your business
  • Maintaining and hosting your solutions


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