Professional Services for Cloud

We help you boost and gain better understanding of your cloud environment to utilize cloud services in an efficient and flexible manner.

Our Professional Services consultants have expertise and experience especially AWS and Azure cloud platforms and services. As your trusted cloud partner, we can guide you from strategic cloud advisory to 24/7 managed operations.

  • We can help you evaluate your current workloads and classify them according to their strategic value and operative flexibility.
  • We have a customer-proven process to migrate existing applications into the cloud.
  • We can help to automate your cloud infrastructure with a DevOps approach and cloud best practices.

Your agile and local cloud partner in the Nordic

  • We are Premier AWS Consulting Partner with more than 150 certified AWS architects and systems administrators. 
  • We are a Gold Cloud Platform Azure Partner with more than 20 certified Azure architects and consultants. 

We are cloud architects

We design and implement AWS and Azure cloud architectures and carry out cloud transitions that will help you to:

  • understand the Shared Responsibility model 
  • identify possible improvements in your current design
  • maximize business benefits from utilizing cloud services
  • identify new business benefits
  • prepare infrastructure upgrades in time
  • manage how your company acquires and uses cloud infrastructure
  • meet the requirements set for operations, availability, continuity and security
  • control service operations in the cloud in a cost-efficient way

Cloud professionals for your DevOps teams

Our cloud specialist areas include design, implementation and maintenance expertise for the whole stack of cloud components required by your applications: connectivity, storage, compute and PaaS components such as containers and databases.

Our cloud architects and specialists are ready to join your development team to help developers right from the start. Working with your developers, our cloud specialists will build you services or applications that are easy to maintain and operate. We will design and implement operational metrics for your services to provide you with a clear view of their performance.

We provide you with an automated cloud infrastructure environment that will allow your R&D operations to launch new technical environments in just minutes. By using automation templates, we make sure that the environments are identical and optimized for you every time. This helps to speed up the product development cycle, which in turn improves the quality of operations and reduces costs. We can integrate the cloud accounts to your existing internal network and systems architecture.

We can also automate the integration and deployment processes for production operations, which will minimize operating costs and prevent human error. This will allow your business to react quickly to changing market conditions.

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