Passionate Support for Content Delivery

A world-class 24/7 CDN solution for your online service with a local and global reach.

A solid Content Delivery strategy is a cornerstone of an online service, which needs to be globally accessible 24/7 regardless of traffic spikes or malicious attacks. High volume sites, such as Video On Demand services, require content caching at the location nearest to the end users to achieve customer satisfaction and speedy response and load times for the service. The initial step in delivering content successfully is to establish what types of content our client needs to deliver, to what audience and where geographically.

Together with our clients, we define performance indicators to ascertain that the end result satisfies our clients’ business needs. We have comprehensive experience on the full stack of technologies required for building a successful content delivery pipeline: servers, storage and networking, load balancing, CDN and different types of end-user devices. We plan the changes needed to deliver content to end-users as efficiently as possible.

We can provide world class CDN solutions for your online service with our global partners (primarily AWS CloudFront), whether you need your service be delivered locally or globally. We take care of your CDN configuration, and give assistance with certified experts, who have hands-on knowledge of different CDN environments. You can focus on your core business, and we will take care of the transition project, new content delivery architecture design, implementation, data security and 24/7 operations for you.

Security and uptime of our customers’ services are of utmost importance to us, so we can provide CDN solutions with built-in DDoS protection and web application firewall filtering capabilities.

Passionate support – a single packaged solution

Passionate support for Content Delivery includes a Nordic 24/7 Service Desk, on-call services and CDN architecture design and implementation competence as a single packaged solution. You can choose the most suitable service level for your business needs. We monitor your services 24/7 and react quickly to possible incidents and anomalies in the traffic. We also maintain and operate your environment proactively to optimize costs and to prevent or minimize service downtime.

We ensure that development teams can focus their energy on application development by operating and maintaining their Content Delivery environments. We can ensure that a value added approach towards production delivery is achieved by utilizing continuous integration in a multi-phased implementation.

Cybercom’s on-call and professional services for Content Delivery provide help and support for you around the clock. We listen to you, understand your goals and help you achieve them – we really care!


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