Meet Cybercom at the AWS Loft in Stockholm

The AWS Loft is a place where startups and developers can meet over coffee, work on their apps, attend educational sessions, and get in-person answers to AWS technical questions – all at no cost.

Gain hands-on experience through free technical workshops on serverless, containers, AI, machine learning and more. Or, sharpen your startup business acumen by attending best practice sessions that include fundraising and marketing. Plus, network and learn first-hand from other hot startups, VCs, and accelerators.

What You Can Do at the AWS Pop-up Loft

  • Ask an Architect
  • Technical sessions
  • AWS Technical Bootcamps

Meet Cybercom at the AWS Loft

Cybercom is an Advanced AWS Consulting partner with growing AWS client base and over 75 AWS certified professionals in the Nordics. Cybercom is also an official next generation and audited AWS Managed Services Provider, Solution Provider and an AWS DevOps competence partner.

Your agile cloud partner from advisory services to managed operations.


Date: October 15 – November 9, 2018
Venue: Regeringsgatan 65, Stockholm, Sweden
Time:  Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00


Important dates:

  • AWS event launch – October 15th 8:00 am – 9:00 am.

Cybercom Sessions (only private invites):

  • Session 1 - October 17 - 10:30-12:00: Security best practices – Daniel Brättemark

  • Session 2 - October 22nd – 13:00-14:30: Industry 4.0 – Niklas Kvarnström

  • Session 3 - October 30th 13:00-14:00: Digital Sustainability – Ingemar Jansson

  • Session 4 – November 8th 10:30-12:00: Digitalization of Public Sector – Harri Salminen

  • Evening event – November 8th 17:00-21:00: Cybercom and AWS meetup Sweden + workshop final pitches Cybercom AWS hackathon – October 18-November 8th:


Read more about Cybercom’s cloud offering here:

More about the AWS Loft: 

See schedule for AWS pop-up loft activities, Cybercom Sessions and Cybercom Hackathon:


Welcome to the AWS Loft!

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