Cloud Services and Secure Connectivity for the Öresund Region

Cybercom has strengthened its local delivery capability within Cloud Services and Secure Connectivity within the Öresund Region to support your organization today!

Focus areas available today:

  • Leverage AWS Cloud Solutions to your best advantage - reaping the benefits and avoiding the pitfalls.
  • Get the most out of your business data - you should spend time acting on your information while we will make sure it is available.
  • Protecting your information everywhere you are connected such as in wired networks, wireless networks, servers, services and devices. It requires great attention to stay in control of your information. This information needs to be continuously checked for security weaknesses.
  • Reaching GDPR compliance - providing awareness workshops, methodology support, and an easy to use Compliance Management tool.

Cybercom can help you with any level of need:

  • Continuity by filling a resource gap in ongoing projects with the right skilled team member.
  • Facilitating workshops and/or short expert assignments to help you over a tricky hurdle.
  • Providing methodologies and tools needed to help plan and manage your work.

It does not matter if you already know exactly what you need or if you just have a nagging sense of unease and want to have a "no strings attached" talk over a cup of coffee (while enjoying our reception area lounge view over the Dockan Marina)!


Coffee cup. Cybercom.

Examples of available profiles

Examples of the profiles that are available to help you with your current challenges are shown below: 

AWS / Big Data:

With more than seven years in the information technology industry, I have a wide range of experience providing analytics and cloud service, with experience in Microsoft BI stack (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS) plus Power BI, Big Data (Hadoop) and three years' experience in Cloud Computing (AWS certified). My experience spans across the whole life cycle from requirements analysis, architecture, migration, implementation to maintenance. I have a functionality and problem solving mindset where it is not about the technology, but providing the solution to clients' need.

Network, Service and Device Security:

I am a very strategy thinking person when we speak about computer and network security. My strength is about “to thinking out of the box”, as everyone says within security. But, I coming from the self-learning world there you must learn yourself in the hard-real world, otherwise you can’t compare yourself with others. The positive of this for me as a penetration tester / security consult is that I see things from the other side, the hacker’s side and not only from the school books and “how it should look like” as major of the consult out there. No offence of the school books, they at really good, but in most cases, you need to see the other side as well. It’s not many hackers that are looking at the school books then they attack a system, they are always in the front, and there is where my competence comes in handy.

I work almost within network and computer security. I am an expert to build and develop (my own, from scratch) strong mil-grade firewalls, routers, WiFi systems, VPNs to whole networks in my past, which comes in handy in today’s cyber-attacks and crime, penetrations tests and so on. I have about 20 years’ experience within security, build and maintain security “boxes” and networks.

GDPR Compliance:

Through many years of experience in all aspects of the operations of an organisation working with the procurement, development and operations of services I have a firm understanding of the full service life cycle as well as necessary supporting functions. In addition to working with the actual service delivery I have also gained valuable experience in supporting functions such as the successful management of teams, building new organisations, business development, managing quality systems and managing information security. I combine the ability to see and understand the “big picture” while still maintaining a firm grasp of the details needed in the “hands-on” part of delivering a service or product. This foundation combined with four years of experience working with PUL/GDPR gives a sound understanding of what GDPR compliance means in the real world.

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