Cloud Core for Azure

Prepare your Azure environment to be run in an optimal way with organized resources, managed access and cost, and governance security and compliance covered.

Cloud Core framework

Cybercom Cloud Core is a framework to accelerate Cloud adoption in enterprise setting. Cloud Core utilizes blueprints based on best practices to provide a setup for multi-subscription Landing Zone setup for Azure with Infrastructure as Code deployment and built in security guardrails, policies, and governance.

Cloud Core is a holistic bedrock for your public cloud environment

It enables you to run your cloud in Well-Operated manner, where governance and security are monitored and enforced, and human driven processes are clearly defined.

Cloud Core gives you well defined and scalable cloud environment, which supports multi-subscription model for workload and production phase environment segregation. It acts as a target for your workload migrations from on-prem environments to the Cloud.

It allows for iteration and extension moving forward to more demanding workloads and Cloud native approach. Cloud Core also extends and connects your cloud and on-prem networks in controlled and secure manner enabling running of hybrid workloads.

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