Cloud Cost Optimization

Optimization analysis and advisor expertise will result meaningful, prioritized and concrete optimization opportunities to find big wins.

Cloud Cost Optimization service is a Business centric and holistic approach to identify cost optimization opportunities. Target is to help organizations to prioritize optimizations to have a long-term, net positive impact on cost level without impacting operational capabilities, security or performance. Solution is built on the best practices and principles laid out in the AWS Well-Architected Framework cost optimization pillar.



Advisor level expertise at your disposal to identify and remediate non-obvious cost savings opportunities.

Utilizing cloud resources in optimized and traceable way as part of operations moving forward.

Well balanced optimization recommendations, which match business outcomes and savings with the optimization effort.

Utilizing advanced tooling in automating data collection and giving insights and recommendations based on usage patterns.

Understand required process and operational  changes in order to staying cost effective over time.

Prioritized action plan for optimization opportunities, which can be implemented moving forward.


This approach promotes guiding principles as expenditure awareness, using resources in cost effective manner, matching supply with demand and optimizing over time.

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