AWS DevOps Solutions

We provide our customers the best practices to implement automated infrastructure deployments as well as the DevOps tools and methods for configuration management.

Thanks to our 20+ years of experience, we have deep knowledge on building automated testing, continuous integration and delivery solutions. 

Our skilled cloud architects work in close collaboration with the customers' developer team building services and applications that are easily maintained and operated. In addition to this, our specialists design and implement operational metrics that enable a clear view on the service's performance. 

It takes only few minutes for our customers' R&D operations to launch new technical environments - thanks to the automated cloud infrastructure we provide. 

We use automation templates that ensure that the environments are identical as well as optimized for the needs of the customer. This results in a faster product development cycle, hence not only does the quality of operations enhance but also the costs decrease notably. 

If needed, we can integrate the cloud accounts to existing internal network and systems architecture.  The integration and deployment processes for production operations can be automized, minimizing operating costs and preventing human error. This allows businesses to quickly react to changing market conditions.

DevOps Practices

As a DevOps solution provider, we have a solid goal to promote the use of DevOps practices and educate our customers on the cultural philosophy behind DevOps. We integrate DevOps tools from AWS and other parties to create best possible DevOps platform for our customers.


We provide solutions on CI/CD tooling based on various different needs and use cases. Your solution could be based on AWS Codebuild and AWS Codepipeline or other solutions like Jenkins, Atlassian Bamboo or Travis CI.


We can help you architect and deploy state of the art solutions based on microservices design. Whether it’s container or serverless based, we can help you running your production workloads. We can utilize services and tools like Amazon EKS, Amazon ECS, Amazon Lambda or Kubernetes

Infrastructure as Code

By utilizing AWS Cloudformation and Hashicorp Terraform to code your infrastructure deployments, fast and repeatable deployments in any region, any time, are ensured.

Monitoring and Logging

To ensure that events are triggered when needed, we utilize AWS CloudWatch and New Relic to monitor all of our systems.

Operational Excellence

Our 24/7 Service Desk Experts are in your disposal to help you at different stages of your operations. Whether it’s a proof of concept (PoC), development, staging, testing, production or maintenance, we are here to help.

Communication and Collaboration

We use and promote the use of team collaboration tools such as Slack, Flowdock or Atlassian Stride to ensure seamless communication and integration to other systems and tooling.

Our Reference DevOps Architecture

Our reference DevOps Architecture on AWS is a highly available, secure and versatile solution. It provides reliability and features in a cost efficient way.

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