Digital transformation and execution

Competitive advantage from digitalization will happen only as much as your organization is able to embrace – Cybercom Transformation process will help you catch these advantages systemically.

Data, smarter digital services and cloud technologies are in heart of digitalization. But boosting your business with them is often more about organization and strategy than technology. Being competitive with modern technologies usually means to be more innovative, collaborative, agile and committed in whole organization

How Cybercom approaches your transformation

Cybercom will provide you with Advisory team with relevant cross functional competences to understand the big picture, but also the technology understanding to make concrete and pragmatic change possible.

1. Assessment

We will analyze the starting point from three perspectives:

  • Situational awareness – how well you understand and see digital possibilities
  • Strategic utilization – how well you understand value of the possibilities and are able to commit
  • Ability to execute – how well you can make things happen in digital world

2. Definition

Building common understanding you need to change by defining your transformation. Team will analyze the transformation in four layers that must be aligned:

  • Strategy – digitalization must be understood in strategic level
  • Structure –organization, roles and responsibilities must support digitalization
  • Capability – company must be able to implement digital projects.
  • Culture – all layers will be affected by culture

3. Transformation

Creating the transformation roadmap and kick-off the transformation journey. Each transformation in unique but driven by common tools and methods that Cybercom team will master.

Our values and why we will succeed together:

  • You will be driving the change, we will empower you and your organization and do the heavy lifting
  • Pragmatic approach and concrete steps to tackle all the obstacles of digitalization

We will guide you all the way and support you during the transformation with tools and competences needed.

Contact us to discuss about how to start your transformation journey by doing assessment of your digital maturity!


Tarmo Pajunen

Advisory Consultant

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Andreas Carlberg

Head of Business Transformation & Offerings

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