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Many consumers are still hesitant about using their credit cards over the Internet. And often quite rightly so, as the number of crimes involving stolen credit card details is on the increase. In view of this, major players such as Visa and MasterCard have agreed on a common standard for handling credit card information. This standard, the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS), is an international standard that stipulates relatively strict and concrete security requirements. This affects all players handling payment card transactions – all sales companies, clearing houses and third-party suppliers that handle, store and/or transfer payment card information must meet the requirements.

A large number of assignments within PCI DSS has given us a solid experience base. We know which changes and supplements are needed to adapt our customers’ policies, processes, procedures and technical solutions to the requirements of PCI DSS, and we have packaged several of these services to simplify matters.

We help our customers identify the card handling environment from a technical and organisational perspective. Our work results in concrete action plans to achieve standard compliance quickly and cost-efficiently. Our long-term approach gives our customers a guarantee that PCI DSS compliance is not a one-off occurrence.

Cybercom is the first Swedish company certified to implement quarterly external and internal network scans, known as PCI Network Scans. This makes us an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV). We also have a number of PCI DSS auditors who can conduct the formal PCI DSS audit. Our PCI Security Calendar concept supports certified customers with follow-ups and maintains the security work required by the standard.

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Sales Manager Security, Cybercom Sweden

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