PKI & National eID

Large scale eID are always build on a solid PKI base – a known fact for more than 20 years. Cybercom has been around from the start and over the years, we have delivered a large number of system integration projects and experts around PKI on both corporate and national level, including all structure, information security and policies needed.

PKI still plays an important role, but do not solely solve the challenges of IAM in a digital ecosystem, where scalability and new use case, like connected cars and other things, appear. Mobile eID has been an important development, growing but the user base and possible applications. We have developed several mobile eID solutions, both based on simcard and open solutions. Today, we mainly use partner products together with our backend. 

Cybercom is since many years a strong player in identity federations built on SAML2. We believe that this is an enabling architecture for modern eID, eliminating the direct technical dependence between authentication method and the target application, which makes integration easier. Moreover, server side digital signing is supported. 

Cybercom offers a scalable IDP, a proven SAML Metadata Directory and Discovery service as well as maintenance, operations, methods and processes for a large federation.

In short, you can always trust us in the area of PKI, eID and federations.


Robin von Post

Head of IAM Solutions

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