Fast gains for new authentication scenarios or a need for document based digital signatures? IdentityHub is a proven product. We have not any single customer that have replaced the solution. Instead, more and more systems are connected over the years. The IdentityHub can be delivered on premise or as a cloud service and here’s what you get:

Unified Login

IdentityHub is a unified login platform built on the concept of federations, thus, a multipurpose authentication platform for connected identities.

One login platform for all applications and e-services provides great flexibility and lower costs compared to traditional point-to-point solutions. The Identity Hub supports a large number of different authentication methods and scenarios. 

Single Sign On

One single login (and logout) to all connected applications is a real killer application providing a much better user experience and less workload for the IT-helpdesk handling forgotten passwords.  This goes for both internal and external SSO.

Digital Signing

IdentityHub is tied to our Digital Signing Service, enabling e-signing for connected applications

Customized login GUI

The login user interface to IdentityHub is based on a web template and is customized enabling each organization and application to provide the selected web experience and language.

3D Secure

Identity Hub can be used for banks together with the 3D Secure framework (Visa, Mastercard) to provide two-factor authentication in card transactions on the internet.

Identity Federations

The core benefit of federations is single sign on over organizational boundaries built on mutual trust. That is, you decide to trust appointed external user credentials. In practice, you federate users from different AD:s/directories. This can be done in larger scale, like for a digital ecosystem, where several federations can be connected, enabling different interesting connected user scenarios.

The IdentityHub have all the support you need to participate in or build federations. We support the standards of SAML2, Open-ID and WS-Trust/WS-Federations.

Delegate User Admin  

In use cases where a federation is not applicable, where many external users from many organizations need access to an application, the user admin can be delegated through a portal to vendors, partners etc. No need to put effort in external user management.

Cloud application support

A complete cloudbased service should be fully integrated in terms of both security and user experience (eg. single-sign-on). Identity Hub provides a solution to both these challenges and, of course, the IdentityHub itself can build the foundation for authentication cloud services.   

In premise application support

IdentityHub supports a large number of environments, like web servers, app servers, CMS-systems etc. Moreover, new target systems can be added with the help from our toolbox.

Full maintenance

Our IdentityHub team takes care of customer maintenance, supports, incident & problem management as well as systems monitoring, further development and requested new login scenarios.


Robin von Post

Head of IAM Solutions

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