Cloud Migration

Retire Your Technical Debt And Increase Focus on Innovation by Moving Your Data And Workloads to the Cloud

If you are looking for a hybrid cloud solution or if you want to do full transition from on-premises environment to the Cloud, properly planned cloud migration plan is of the essence.

Transitioning to the cloud enables you to leverage platform services for many workload components, which will lower your operational cost and let's you target your resources where it will have the best payback: innovation.

Cloud Migration Perspectives

Not all cloud journeys are equal - cloud migration might be required for a variety of reasons, and yours might be unique. The following are archetype examples of cloud migrations paths:

Extending Infrastructure to Cloud

Hybrid cloud architecture is the integration of on-premises resources with cloud resources. For most organizations with on-premises technology investments, operating in a hybrid architecture is a necessary part of cloud adoption. AWS has developed the industry’s broadest set of hybrid capabilities across storage, networking, security, application deployment, and management tools. This makes it easy for you to integrate the cloud as a seamless and secure extension of your existing investments.

Data Migration

Cloud is a new normal in today’s IT industry. One of the most challenging steps required to deploy an application infrastructure in the cloud involves the physics of moving data in and out of it. Cloud data migration moves existing on-premises data to a new cloud storage location in batches, increments and streams.

Application Migration

Organizations are considering moving applications to the cloud to retire their technical debt and modernize their current IT infrastructure for future needs. To take advantage of the benefits of AWS Cloud, organizations can adopt a phase driven migration strategy, whether it is a typical 3 tier web application, nightly batch process or complex backend processing workflow, most applications can be moved to the cloud.

Migration Project

Migration project is always planned together with the customer starting from business case calculation and ending in a detailed implementation and switchover plan. Properly planned and conducted migration project ensures, that all relevant parties are staying informed and system downtime is kept minimal, especially in systems which will stay in hybrid configuration and for example accessing migrated systems and data pools from on-premises environments.

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