Live Stream: Cybersecure panel

WIT Breakout Session by Cybercom:

Listen to the leading thinkers debate, and leave fulfilled with good ideas and new insights on Cybersecurity - Digital Dystopia and Utopia.

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The Panel:

Aurore Belfrage, Tech Diplomate and CEO Oriens, Johanna Mannung, Security architect Polismyndigheten, Sara Meunier, deputy CEO and Chief Strategist at Inera, Elaine Weidman-Grunewald – co-founder AI Sustainability Center, Evelina Anttila, General Counsel Peltarion

Moderated by:

Annika Andreasson - Cybersecurity Consultant, Cybercom


Digital Dystopia: In the first hour, we focus on all the bad aspects of technology and digitalization. We present and debate privacy problems, surveillance, filter bubbles, conflict, warfare, hacking, and the risk that tech is driving humanity into a really bad place.

Digital Utopia: In the second hour, we talk about how we together in the tech industry can ensure that digitalization is used for good purposes, and what good tech can do for individuals, businesses, societies and the world in terms of ethics, sustainability, democracy and solving problems humanity faces.


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