Our digital future

"In ten years, many people will have opted to move out of cities as technology enabless a completely new way of teleworking. For instance, we can easily participate in virtual meetings using VR and AR technology. However, the biggest trend in terms of cities is urbanisation, with more megacities emerging. This will require us to optimise our space of, which is one of the catalysts of the sharing economy."

Claudia Olsson,
Future and Technology Analyst,
Exponential and was named "Young Global Leader"
by the World Economic Forum in 2017


"Servicification is an incremental advance in achieving circular recycling systems in which we value acces rather than ownership. Instead of a linear system in which we create something that is ultimately disposed of, it can be reused several times. I find that more and more companies are interested in this, particulary in areas where connected technology enables something that was previously impossible."

Peter Tyreholt,
Business Developer, Cybercom


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