Hello World! Promotes digital creativity

Hello World! is a non-profit organisation with the purpose of promoting digital creativity in children and young people. Cybercom is one of the main sponsors of this association, which aims to educate 10,000 young people by 2020. Operations concentrate on running camps during school holidays and at weekends, where children and young people meet and help each other using a virtual mentoring platform and are coached by experienced programmers.

The association's goal is for Sweden to have sufficient IT skills in the future in order to secure competitiveness, by making digital creativity easily access­ible to all young people regardless of their prior knowledge.

The main idea is that knowledge of programming develops creativity and logical thinking, and participants are also able to apply and develop their math’s skills and practice their English. Hello World! engages with Swedish business and industry, universities, foundations, the public sector and other non-profit organisations in order to collaboratively make the activities available to children and young people across the country.

Read more at: www.helloworld.se