Future proofing beyond technology

Digital revolution

Everything is being digitalised and connected. This is no less than a revolution. All sectors and all relationships are affected, from the individual to the global level. Digitalisation is driving sustainable development in several ways, including smarter technology that is overcoming many challenges. Energy, infrastructure and resource management are but a few examples. And connected people have the whole world of information in their hands - this transparency and accessibility equalises old information asymmetries and promotes democratisation.

But everything is open to debate. What happens to democracy when people live in their own filter bubbles and are always at risk of being the targets of disinformation? How do we measure results and value when people meet AI and robotisation? How do we ensure the rights of individuals to privacy while managing security risks and criminality? Digitalisation has infinite potential, but also means that we are constantly being confronted with new questions and consequences. That requires good judgement and accountability.


Potential and risks

As more and more is being controlled by computers in all parts of society, we are being confronted with new and higher risks. Unintentionally, we are building in vulnerability that can be difficult to comprehend and control. While technology is inherently neutral, it unlocks new potential and thus also opens the door to risks and misuse.

The smart home with digital assistance and voice control is a down-to-earth example. It is so convenient to tell the coffee pot to brew a cup in the morning, for instance. But the very existence of this function opens a new channel that has to be secured and can, in the worst case, be misused. Inadequate security can have serious consequences at all levels of society, from disruption or breakdown of vital public operations to threats to personal privacy and identity. Physical assets and belongings may also be affected. In order to make optimal use of technology, we must have secure and resilient systems and we must decide what kind of society we want to create and live in.


Information security and cyber­security are sustainability issues.

At Cybercom, we see technology as a powerful tool for building strong communities. We want to leverage our collective capabilities to be involved in creating the conditions necessary for sustainable development. That applies to Cybercom’s entire offering and especially our expertise in the field of information security and cyber­security.