I would like to be an ICT technician

Emmanuel Niyomugabo is a young man of 17 years. He is studying in S3 O-level (third and final year of secondary school) and has a dream about his future career.

I've chosen to study computer science, because since I was a child attending primary school, I would go to the computer room to write letters and play games. I always found computer science fascinating. And I was always the first in the subject.

I plan to study computer science at university because I want to become an ICT technician. In our region, the remote areas are in great need of ICT technicians. I am sure I'll make my dream come true. Finally, I hope to found my own internet centre in my native district of Nyaruguru, where it is nowadays difficult to communicate on the Internet.'

Cybercom supports SOS Children's Villages

Cybercom supports the activities of SOS Children's Villages in Rwanda to train teachers in subject knowledge, teaching and computer skills. Cybercom is a knowledge company with international assignments, and as such we want to contribute to knowledge development in a country where we have business projects. Education is the foundation for a child's intellectual, emotional, social and physical development. It is essential for being released from poverty.

Picture reference: Photo: Mariantonietta Peru

Kristina Cato

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