Our responsibility

High ethical standards should permeate our business and our operations. Our actions are governed by our code of conduct in all countries in which we operate, and business ethics are a standing item on the agenda of the management team.

Our actions

Since 2014 our employees must complete an online course on anti-corruption. The training is based on our code of business ethics and conduct, and includes various possible dilemmas to consider. Cybercom experienced no incidents of corruption or discrimination in 2018.

Information security

For Cybercom, information security means our ability to ensure the necessary con´Čüdentiality, integrity and availability of our internal systems and information, and the systems and information of our clients. Cybercom’s systems and clients’ systems should be managed in a safe manner, and the effect of any security incidents should not risk serious damage to our own business or the business of our clients. Cybercom undertakes systematic information security efforts based on our information security policy.

Client privacy

Cybercom works actively to ensure compliance with regulations for protection of privacy such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR. This work is conducted both internally and on assignment for clients. Cybercom has not experienced any losses of client data in 2018.