Making Progress

Supplemental Sustainability Information

We work with East Sweden’s Chamber of Commerce and the Swedish Public Employment Service to offer work experience to newcomers to Sweden and thus an opportunity to gain a foothold in the labour market. The hope is to offer participants jobs or put them together with partners or recruitment firms that can match them to jobs in their networks.

More equal gender distribution is one of the company’s general objectives: the workforce is to be 30 percent women by the end of 2020. The goal is based on the 70/30 ratio of new graduates in technical education in the countries where Cybercom operates. We have hit the target at the board and management level – the board consists of three women and six men, while there are 32 women and 89 men in senior management. We have a little way to go overall – at the end of the year, the gender distribution ratio between men and women at Cybercom was 81/19.


Health and safety

Cybercom is acting to achieve a good work environment and employee health and well-­being by means including matching the right person to the right assignment, providing opportunities for variation and development on the job and allocating tasks to minimise stress. We strive to accommodate preferences for flexible working hours.

We work in an office setting on our own or client premises. Because we spend so much time in front of computers, it is important for employees to vary their work postures. Cybercom’s premises offer various types of workstations and we encourage people to get moving – by playing table tennis at the office, for instance. Cybercom’s greatest health and safety risks are repetitive strain injuries and stress-­related disorders.

The new leadership structure with Competence Team Leads has been assessed as also ­fostering employee well-being. More frequent interaction with a manager in the same skills area generates understanding and opportunities to identify challenges at an early stage.

The absenteeism rate at Cybercom was 2.8 percent during the year. There were no reported workplace accidents.


Management of HR issues

Management of employee-related matters at Cybercom is based on several policies and procedures. The most important of these include our Code of Conduct, the health and safety policy and procedures, the diversity policy, the gender equality plan and a procedure for dealing with incidents of discrimination.

The purpose and objectives of HR work are the same in all material respects throughout Cybercom, although approaches may differ. We are using group-wide systems support and other means to plan for increased collaboration and efficiency within the Group.