Environmental programme

Cybercom develops innovative, secure and effective solutions that add to profitability and sustainable development for our clients and society at large. We are also always striving to reduce our own environmental impact. In 2017, Cybercom secured environmental certification and our internal practices are moving forward with steps including employee training.

Cybercom has always had a major focus on internal environmental aspects, and one of our sustainability goals for 2016 was to secure environmental certification for the entire company. In 2016, Rashin Kabodvand, Competence Team Lead for the Java Team, and one of Cybercom’s Sustainability Ambassadors, was placed in charge of planning and preparing for environmental certification.

“Since 2008, we have been environmentally certified in Region Mid and have long been aiming to secure environmental certification for the entire company, which is why it is particularly gratifying that we finally achieved our certification goal,” says Rashin. “In early 2017, an external environmental certification audit was performed that went unexpectedly well, and we passed the audit with no deviations. This means the entire company has secured the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification.”

Although Cybercom’s greatest potential  lies in enhancing offerings to clients that  add to sustainable development for the companies and their end-customers, it is also imperative that the company lives up  to ambitious environmental targets and actively works to improve its own environmental practices.

“By increasing environmental awareness among our employees at every level, we create an approach throughout the organisation that influences everything we do,” says Rashin.

“Environmental certification involves implementing effective processes for the consumption of resources and compliance with the prevailing environmental legislation. As an example, we review Sweden’s environmental code twice a year and make sure we are in compliance.”

The greatest direct impact of the environ-mental certification is that we have introduced waste separation at all our offices in Sweden. All employees must also complete an online environmental training course, and by year-end 2016, 70 percent of our employees had undertaken environmental training. Another key element of Cybercom’s environmental practices is transportation.

“We must reduce our use of cars,” explains Rashin.

“We have catalogued the public transport options for all our offices, and we are conducting activities to make it easier for employees to not use their cars. These include fitting the changing rooms at all our offices with showers so employees can run or cycle to work. Cyber-com has also written an environmental policy that outlines how to generate business that is sustainable in the long term.”

However, our efforts will obviously not end simply because we have now secured environmental certification.

“This is a relentless effort and we are constantly striving to improve and to meet our environmental goals and comply with regulations,” says Rashin. New Sustainability Ambassadors will also take over from my colleagues and I, and will continue to pursue ongoing and new projects!”

"By increasing environmental awareness among our employees at every level, we create an approach throughout the organisation that influences everything we do."

Rashin Kabodvand, Competence Team Lead of the Java Team at Cybercom in Stockholm