Boosting your development

As a Cybercom colleague, you are part of a network of about 1,300 people. In addition to the colleagues and the culture, Cybercom is distinguished by striving to make a better tomorrow and by its skills, innovativeness and concern.


Culture and colleagues

Our values of innovation, passion and trust inform our culture and shape our working days. We are passionate about Cybercom’s mission, “Boosting your performance in the connected world”. And we are thrilled and energised by the prospect of constant development.

We Cybercom people are the same and we are different. We all share a passion for innovation and development and a down-to-earth approach. We are also a diverse collection of personalities and profiles. In our about 1,300 people-strong network 19 percent are women and 81 percent are men. Our youngest colleague is 20 and the oldest is 67. We come from 44 different countries and represent a wide range of skills. Anyone looking for expertise, whether that means in-depth industry knowledge or digital tools on the leading edge, will not have to look far. We have the breadth it takes.


Better tomorrow

We put high demands on the solutions we create and on what our solutions achieve. We do not work with technology for its own sake or for just any purpose. Digital development and sustainable development should be synonymous. Our solutions should be innovative, scalable and secure. And they should boost profitability and sustainability in terms of saving energy, finite resources and costs.


Skills and development

Cybercom is an arena of skills, where people gain experience from different industries, companies and organisations. And opportunities to work across the field of IT and develop in various roles. We are convinced that we learn most in our assignments - after all, our work is immersed in digitalisation. That is why Cybercom’s breadth and development potential are some of the best we have to offer.

Cybercom people care about their development and prefer to control it themselves. The team leader supports and coaches as and when required. Boosting Your Development, Cybercom’s platform for learning and development, is available to help. This is where opportunities, responsibility for individual development, a model for learning and development and a professional development process are found. Everything is aimed at boosting everyone’s development so that each individual can reach their full potential.

Innovation Zone is our hub - how we ensure that Cybercom constantly develops in the latest technologies. Within the framework of Innovation Zone, employees and clients have the opportunity to jointly evaluate ideas, perform tests, develop prototypes and lead pilot projects in a creative environment.


A company that cares

Cybercom cares. People who work for Cybercom are offered competitive pay and generous, relevant benefits. Being an attractive employer is all about listening and constantly developing. Attractive offices, centrally located to make it easy to use public transport, are an important aspect. We strive to make our offices welcoming meeting places for creativity and innovation. A small but telling example is our big café rooms with table tennis or other team activities in all of our countries. We have adjusted the benefits package according to feedback from our ­employees.

Cybercom also cares about employee social security. The precise arrangements vary among markets, but all offer advantageous insurance policies. Employees in Finland and Sweden are covered by collective agreements that include benefits like pensions and parental leave supplement.



Employees in numbers

“We need to keep creating opportunities for our employees to develop as regards new methods and technologies, for instance. This is accomplished in part through various forms of internal mobility, such as moving between skills areas or markets. Accelerating our flexibility and development will be a high priority in 2018 and forward.”

Linda Westlund, Head of HR