Cybercom’s ability to attract and retain skilled employees is closely associated with the company’s power of innovation and our capacity to offer exciting projects that mean something to wider society. Our goal is to provide all employees with opportunities to continuously develop and achieve their full potential.

Diversity is a matter of similarities and differences, such as gender, age, ethnicity and cultural background, yet also of differences in education, family circumstances, values, interests and experiences. We believe that diversity is a decisive factor in Cybercom’s success that creates dynamics and an innovative atmosphere in our everyday life, as well as profitability and long-term value creation. We are always striving to enrich our diversity, and a key initiative in these efforts is equalising the differences between men and women, among overall employees and in management.

Cybercom’s staff currently comprise 18 percent women, and our goal is for women to represent 30 percent of our staff by year-end 2020. During the year we have held a number of internal workshops to which employees have been invited to share experiences and come up with concrete measures on how to achieve our objective of having more female employees. We also offer internal networks for women and partner with organisations such as the Royal Institute of Technology’s (KTH) women’s network Malvina, whose networking events we have hosted on several occasions.

In order to achieve a healthy balance among our employees and engage in new training programmes, we also maintain strong partnerships with universities, higher-education institutions, and polytechnic institutions at all of the locations in which we operate. The Innovation Zone is a major contributing factor to our ability to accommodate students writing their thesis and interns, and to recruit recent graduates.

We also strive to recruit more employees with international backgrounds and we engage in several initiatives including the Integration Zone in Linköping, which is a partnership with the Chamber of Commerce of East Sweden and the Swedish Public Employment Agency, under which we offer newcomers an ability to use internships as a way to establish themselves in the Swedish labour market and gain references from Sweden. We hope to be able to offer them a position at Cybercom or refer the participants to our business partners or recruitment partners who can match them with others in their networks. We also participate in Talent Without Borders, an initiative for newcomers with software skills, as well as the Good Malmö project, which aims to help young people who are currently outside the labour market to find a job.

Strengthening our competitive edge requires strong and professional leadership. Cybercom’s management has evolved significantly in recent years, and a key goal has been to incorporate more of our employees into the leadership team. In 2016, we worked on changing the structure of the leadership positions and implemented a model based on Competence Team Leads, as opposed to traditional consulting managers. Our Competence Team Leads combine their work as consultants with heading a small team of employees in the same skills area. The team leader is primarily charged with motivating and engaging the employees, as well as driving, coaching and supporting skills development, both in the team and for each individual. In our Cybercom People Voice employee satisfaction survey, 75 percent of employees rate the management as 4 or 5 of 5.

Boosting Your Development is Cybercom’s training and skills development platform, through which we promote internal opportunities for advancement and describe our agile development process. We believe that the general view of careers has evolved in recent years. Today, we have a more individual definition of what constitutes a successful career, and the objectives are different for different people. We are more inclined to compare careers and development to a climbing wall than to climbing a ladder. Developing and achieving your goals often requires being flexible and capitalising on the opportunities and challenges that we encounter along the way. Sometimes you have to move sideways or even downwards in order to then continue on your chosen path.

Cybercom has identified five principal areas for development in which employees can enhance their skills – Technological Development, Business Development, Project Management, Sales and Leadership. Within each area, there are a number of roles in which employees can hone their skills. Within these roles, employees can opt to expand their skills in several different technologies, for example, or specialise in a specific technology.

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"We are always striving to enrich our diversity, and a key initiative in these efforts is equalising the differences between men and women, among overall employees and in management."

Charlotte Siversson, Sustainability Ambassador and HR Partner, Cybercom.