Hiab’s Digitalised cranes make cities more sustainable

The management of Hiab, a load handling company, realised early on that connectivity and the Internet of Things (IoT) would soon become powerful forces for the industry to contend with. They identified two major global trends influencing the logistics industry: sustainability and urbanisation.

Hiab’s end customers include contractors, freight companies and leasing companies. Hiab assumes that customers often know very little about the actual use of the loading equipment – the business that generates its revenues. Hiab identified the need for a visionary and experienced partner to draw up product and service development strategies based on global trends.

The company selected Cybercom, which has provided Hiab with advisory services, project management, software development and service design. Initially, the project involved formulating their ambitions and strategies, and identifying which new customer values they could accommodate through their services.

One of the solutions that Hiab developed in partnership with Cybercom was to connect all of the products and link them to an interface that allows the customer to monitor their equipment in real time. The initial customer value lies in the end customer gaining an updated overview of how their cranes are being used and in what way. Based on this information, the customer can optimise the structure of its fleet and streamline the planning of what jobs are being done, as well as when and where.

Rafal Sornek, Vice President Technology and Quality Development at Hiab, is satisfied with the partnership.
“Cybercom helped us to make the first steps in our Connectivity journey and they stayed focused on creating customer value from the very beginning and throughout the entire journey. Taking this journey alone would certainly be interesting, but what’s the point in discovering neighbouring islets when the big ocean is calling?”

“In the future, optimisation will become even more important as limits are imposed on resources in order to meet global sustainability targets,” maintains Peter Tyreholt, a Business Developer at Cybercom.

“We have provided Hiab with concrete assistance in adopting an abstract approach in everything from connecting its products to how to generate customer value from this. It’s a relatively complex journey for a traditional product company, but they have succeeded very well.”

Thanks to digitalisation, Hiab has also been able to launch service contracts to guarantee that the equipment works well.

Magnus Karlsson

Sales Executive, Sweden

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"Cybercom helped us to make first steps in our Connectivity journey and stayed focus on creating customer value from the very beginning. One can think of taking this journey alone and discovering everything by himself, but what’s the point in discovering neighboring islets, when the big ocean is calling."

- Rafal Sornek, Vice President, Technology and Quality Development