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Our Way of Working

Agile methodology has multiple benefits we believe are essential to the optimal outcome of your project. It's an approach based on developing working prototypes as soon into the project as possible and then working on next, improved iterations. We develop in 2 -week sprints, which enable us to retrospect and learn as we progress. In addition to minimizing risk, this type of management enables you to use some benefits of your solution sooner and provide feedback right away.



Project Based


We put together a dedicated team who have the right expertise and dynamic for your project. We value strong relationships, therefore our team is available for you at any point of the project. We use our experience to compile the perfect team for you. They will accompany you on your journey from concept and kick-off until completion and ongoing support. We like to think of ourselves as your partner rather than an outsourcing agent. 

Examples of project based activities:

  • starting projects from scratch
  • partnership and advisory
  • discovery phase - helping you figure out what you need
  • workshops
  • full responsibility for the project from the beginning to the end

Resource Based


Are you in the middle of a project and need assistance? We can help. Resource based projects are essentially all types of cooperation where you lead and we support. Whether we start from scratch or join your existing project, in this model we will serve as a resource. Examples of resource based services:

  • cleaning the mess in your code
  • supporting your core team
  • speeding up ongoing work
  • client - managed projects