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Who knows the best Paralympics sportspeople? Who can list their main athletic achievements? Sadly, not many people. We created a portal dedicated to Paralympians and trainers to change that.


Who knows the best Paralympics sportsmanor their biggest success? Sadly, not many! It's hard to find information about Paralympians on the Internet, TV or sports press.



Our vision together with Polish Paralympic Committee was:

  • enable Para athletes to achieve sporting excellence

  • inspire and excite people all over the world to follow Paralympians

  • build para-sport knowledge database

  • build social/communication platform for para-athletes



We started from solution design workshops. During it we have find the most important needs and we have created system mock-ups. We showed it to people with disabilities and check the usability, UX and GUI. Next phases were the scum sprints in which we provide business values. The most important functionalities of Paralympic platform:

  • information of all sportsman in one place – with short bio, successes, history etc.

  • communication platform between athletes and the Polish Paralympic Committee

  • social media platform for athletes

  • events calendar

  • athlete and coach zones

  • news from the para-sport world

  • place to exchange information and motivation




  • .NET 4.5

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014

  • Lots of js frameworks