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Moverex is a new approach to helping people with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, circulatory problems and individuals who don't get enough physical exercise. In Sweden, if a patient’s symptoms can be alleviated by physical activity they get it prescribed! Moverex helps users realize that being active is a key factor in mitigating, preventing or even curing many diseases.

Mobile Platforms:

Android with smart band communication.


MovereX is a new approach to help people with heart failure, diabetics, circulatory problems and generally people who don't have enough exercise. In Sweden, if the patient’s symptoms can be relieved by physical activity, doctors happily prescribe it as treatment.

  • Only 65% of the adults are moving enough

  • Treating diabetes requires 11% of the health care costs

  • Heart makes up 45% of death causes

  • Physical activity reduces the risk of a heart attack by 50%

  • If you exercise enough you can live 6-9 years longer than people who don’t

  • 35% of all health care admissions are heart disease related

  • 70% of surveyed patients in primary health care claim to be insufficiently physically active

  • Heart diseases costs 50 000 sek per admission (in Sweden)

MovereX measures and motivates the users to physical activity through the communication with the heart rate smart band. It logs the exercise intensity and length, allowing tracking progress and showing how much more the user should exercise to achieve the intended goal defined by prescriptioner.  It also allows to communicate with the medical authority supervising the patient's health status and consult the progress or be notified if the progress is insufficient.


  • Exercise Overview

This feature provides information about the user’s current heart rate and daily progress with minute by minute heart rate during any given activity. It also provides information about daily and weekly goals.

  • Exercise History

  • Ability to check historical achievements

How many minutes they exercised in the past, with what intensity etc.  Users can check day by day, week by week their path to health.

  • Prescription Details

Prescription is provided by medical practitioners including custom personal  information about the intensity levels and heart rate values, patient maximum heart rate and the number of hours the user should exercise. Prescription details contain personal details such as email address and the band he/she uses (identification number).

  • Messages

This feature is used to communicate with medical authorities supervising the patient's health status and sharing the progress.