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Entry Point and Scope

Cybercom took over the project in late April of 2016, which at the point was a web application for the company partners where they could make venue recommendations for other Partners. the client's requirements were to make it a native iOS app and add new advanced features on top of its existing functionality, including:

  • The ability to easily pull additional information (e.g. via Google Maps) when adding new recommendations,

  • The ability to sort/filter/search existing recommendations by keyword, location (neighborhood), distance, rating and price range

  • The ability to chart recommendations on a map or show distance from current location

  • The ability to interact with other users easily (e.g. thank for a recommendation),

  • Quick scalability in terms of users (e.g. add new users as new Partners get elected) or in terms of features (e.g. add new cities/categories).


The main challenge was to deliver the project in a very compressed timeframe (the MVP had to be delivered by May 2nd). As it also turned out, the development team had to be flexible when it came to accommodating the customer’s requests as new requirements arose while the work had been progressing. In addition to developing the iOS application, Cybercom also took care of implementing a new backend solution and migrating the existing database to it.


The iOS app was been developed entirely in the Swift programming language. Fabric with Crashyltics/Answers support has been used as a test build distribution and a crash reporting tools. Instabug has been employed as a user feedback tool.
The backend solution is partially based upon the Apache Usergrid Backend as a Service framework. Custom solution is used for handling the registration process and messaging.


The MVP was delivered May 2nd to the client for internal testing. Subsequent versions of the app were later released to deploy bug-fixes and to improve the functionality (user registration with multiple devices support, user favorites, Google Places support and more). As of May 30th Cybercom is working on the newest update which will include user-to-user messaging, “follow another user” and “my reviews” functionalities together with overall user experience improvements.