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Hiab Development

HIAB – From Business Innovation to Commercial Launch

Cybercom helped us to make first steps in our Connectivity journey and stayed focus on creating customer value from the very beginning. One can think of taking this journey alone and discovering everything by himself, but what’s the point in discovering neighboring islets, when the big ocean is calling.
-Rafał Sornek, Vice President, Technology and Quality Development


HIAB is the world’s leading provider of on-road load handling equipment and part of the Cargotec Corporation. In early 2013 HIABs visionary leaders understood that connectivity and Internet-ofThings (IoT) will be a major force on their future product roadmap. When entering the rapidly evolving IoT domain, HIAB identified the need for an visionary and experienced partner for product and service strategy development.

Our Solution

Cybercom was selected as a strategic connectivity partner in 2013 and the partnership started with a cross-segment workshop in mid 2013, where Cybercom Advisory consultants supported and moderated HIABs team in business innovation and creating a connectivity roadmap. When a number of business ideas needed to be validated with HIABs customers, Cybercom implemented and operated a solution for a pilot fleet of connected cranes. When the decision to start commercialization was taken, Cybercom was awarded the trust to lead the full project from start including working with the service design and validate suppliers of IoT platforms. This work also included that Cybercom Advisory Service lead cross functional workshops and outside in study to build the future customer value and a connectivity strategy for HIAB.

Some Details

The main problem we had to address in this project was the lack of control over load-handling equipment.

Cybercom resolved this by remotely connecting the Hiab equipment through cloud. This gave the owners a comprehensive overview of their fleet and enable simpler, better services. Through HiConnect we improved the servicing of equipment and helped operators to use the equipment correctly. This reduced the cost of ownership and improved the operation of the fleet. The project is currently in the PoC phase. Above 50 devices are connected.

We have created dashboards for each connected device type:

  • Loader crane

  • Truck mounted fork lift

  • Demountable

They transmit information on engine, crane status, GPS, errors etc. We have created 2d and 3d modelling, real time notifications and visualisation on the world map and as well as history records.

We combined a beautiful UI with a UDP messages hub. It is a set of mini-services responsible for:

  • traffic redistribution

  • analytics

  • BI

  • Storage

  • Security

Technologies Used

  • .NET 4.6

  • Konckout.js

  • 3D Babylon

  • 3D WebGL


  • PostgreSQL


Astonishing Results

In 2016 HIAB commercially launch their first generation of connected cranes services, associated with a commitment to the market that “all HIAB products will be connected by 2018”.   With the introduction of connected services at Bauma 2016 exhibition, HIAB gained a first-mover position, clearly ahead of their competitors. HIAB will lead their customers into the future where digitalization, urbanization and sustainability are major forces.