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Java SE, Java EE, AJAX, Amazon Web Services, AngularJS, Boostrap, ReactJS, Hibernate, Java Persistence API (JPA), JMS (Java Message Service), jQuery, JSON, JUnit, KnockoutJS 3, , node.js, Spring 4, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Security, Thymeleaf, WebServices (JAX-WS), SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), REST/RESTful Web Services, PostgreSQL, MongoDB.

Micro-services are developed entirely in the Java language with single responsibilities. Spring Boot is used as application context.

Micro-services are orchestrated by Apache Camel routing mechanisms. Also ActiveMQ is used as messaging channel between micro-services.

Case Study

Entry Point and Scope

Cybercom started to work on Data Packager v1.0 project on October 2016.

At that point Cybercom started with the project from scratch.

Vubiquity requirements for release 1.0 were to provide a solution that allows to prepare a package of media files and deliver it to Vubiquity clients.

That included:

  • Ability to transform different data formats into one single standard
  • Ability to archive media files into a one archive file
  • Ability to transfer package of media files to Vubiquity clients.
  • Ability to maintain status of simultanous workflows
  • Ability to react on transfer failures
  • Be ready to scale horizontally



The main challenge for Cybercom team was to encourage and introduce the Agile way of working, including the scrum methodology and work with Jira.

Starting from that Cybercom also was challenged with delivering the project in a very compressed timeframe - the MVP had to be delivered to production within a month and a half.

It also turned out that requirements were not strictly defined and Cybercom had to quickly adopt to customer's requests.

Apart from that Cybercom had to provide solution as micro-service architecture.


Data Packager project has been splited in several small micro-services with single responsibilites.

Each micro-service has been developed entirely in Java language. Spring Boot has been used as application context.

 Micro-services are orchestrated by Apache Camel routing mechanisms. Also ActiveMQ has been used as messaging channel between micro-services.


Cybercom sucessfully introduced Agile and continues to plan and maintaing the project using Scrum and Jira.

The Data Tracker is still in the development stage and at the moment Cybercom is on schedule with planned tasks.