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Kick-off with us

Kick-off Process Step by Step

How to Start a Project Well and Finish it Even Better?

Our business experience taught us that a good, thought through and structured kick - off is the fundament for a successful project. Of course, the fact that we are Agile and believe in doing and then improving means that there's always room for the change of direction if necessary. However it is more time and cost efficient to begin with a clearly defined goal and vision. We believe in following a simple yet effective kick off process. Here is what happens when you choose to work with us.

The first phase (design) is a workshop. Lets take a look at the first steps into the Design Thinking phase of the project.


1. Kick off meeting

Objectives: Establishing the basis for further cooperation and workflow (Agile). Specifying and streamlining the vision for the product and discovering what lies at heart of the solution, and what factors will motivate customers to use the app.

At this stage, we will strive to answer the question: ‘What insights do we need to gain during the discovery phase, that will enable us to create the MVP (minimum viable product)?’ 

Once, we’ve achieved this, we will be able to move on to the discovery phase.


2. Discovery Phase

Here, we will conduct detailed interviews with end users (brokers and prospect customers) to gain insight on how to build a valuable solution. We will need 7-10 interviews and we hope you will be able to provide us with subjects.  We, on the other hand, will deal with the content, operations and reporting.

We will simultaneously compare and analyze the technical, creative and business aspects of the competitions’ efforts worldwide.


3. Specific Product Vision meeting

Objectives: Developing a detailed concept of the product as well as Personas (hypothetical users), comparison of the research outcome with our initial expectations and establishing KPI’s. Setting the artistic and aesthetic tone for the solution.


4. Story Mapping meeting

Objectives: Compiling a detailed MVP, setting priorities and the MVP Scope. If we have enough time, we could plan the first sprints, design preliminary mock-ups using the rapid prototyping model and deciding on the general artistic direction. 

Once we have concluded the efforts above, we will be ready to commence the development phase, as well as design, and finalizing the UX work. As extensive as this process may seem, many tasks will be done simultaneously for maximized efficiency and coordination.



  • Data Integration

    • We will start right away. As soon as we know ‘what we need to make’  our developer and your analyst can begin working on it.

  • We will move on to development while still finishing the design phase. We will provide you with a schedule once we know all the details.

  • Once the design phase (UX, graphic design, architecture) is finalized, we focus on development and improvements.