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Top Lead Generation Tools

Many businesses spend millions on advertising and brand promotion. But in the era of social media and inbound marketing domination there are other efficient tools to generate leads without breaking the bank. Check out our top picks to see how you can easily implement those ideas for more leads!

I. Landing Page

The perfect landing page should ultimately persuade the visitor to contact you and share their information with you. A clear and comprehensive page combined with a good contact form can convert up to 50% of visitors into leads! The ‘cherry on the cake’ is that once the site is designed – it’s quite a cost efficient way of generating leads!


  • Call to Action

Your potential customer should know what’s on offer and what they can (and should) do, right away. If your visitors wonder what the point of the site is, sad to tell you – you’ve failed. A comprehensive call to action backed by smart solutions is key to generating leads. What about companies who place ‘contact us’ on their site but don’t have a convenient form or even contact info. Discouraging, right? 

  • Contact/Subscription Form

As mentioned above, the presence of a simple, intuitive contact form is a must and it’s amazing how many uses it has for your business! You can receive potential lead data, of course but also gather feedback about your website, products, suggestions and questions.

  •  Social Media Buttons

Having Social Media buttons on your website is a great way to engage and involve your audience. At the end of the day, what’s the point of sharing your expertise or viewpoint (content) if people can’t react? Furthermore, why not let the modern ‘word-of-mouth’ (social media sharing) promote your company for free!

II. Content


  • Video

Video content is much more captivating than text. Especially in the era of quick information available everywhere. It isn’t easy to capture people’s focus for long so short, fun videos will be useful, entertaining and will help get you leads! Tips:
*keep it short (below 4 minutes)
*divide longer videos into smaller, more ‘digestable’ pieces

  • SlideShare

SlideShare is a great B2B marketing tool. The key here is to create presentations that are both informative and beautiful. You don’t want to bore people with tens of generic plain slides but rather show something pleasant to the eye and specialist. If you build your reputation as a subject matter expert – people will come to you for advice, and products/services! SlideShare allows a contact form which pops up between slides. Captivate your audience with your content and win their business!

  •   Blog

Nowadays, presenting useful content is a fantastic way to attract audiences to your website. All successful companies run blogs on their sites and so should you! Don’t just write about anything. Although you don’t have to limit yourself to writing only about your industry or service, your articles should be thought through and thoroughly researched. Find out what your visitors and potential target market want and write about it. Search console and keyword planner are both great tools for doing that.

  • E-books

Similarly to blog posts and presentations, ebooks are a great tool to acquire leads. If you are renowned for producing excellent content, people will want to download your ebooks. That way you can encourage them to subscribe to your database.   

  • Newsletters

Encouraging your visitors to subscribe to a regular newsletter will enable you to obtain their data. But there’s more to it – by analyzing the email open rates you can learn what your potential customers find of interest and how to approach them in the future.

III. Engagement

Engaging and being present in the business environment is essential. Simply speaking, your potential customers should know you and you should do your utmost to know them!


  • Social Media

Be visible. Don’t just post generic posts or, worse still, links alone. Instead be authentic, post a variety of content and engage with users by liking and sharing their content, too! 

  • Webinars

Free webinars are a good way of introducing yourself, sharing your expertise and gain new business contacts. Keep it friendly but professional.

  • Events

Be visible at conferences, go out to meet your market. Trade shows, business lunches, workshops – mix pleasure with business for great networking opportunities and optimal long lasting relationships.